Smoothpuss Badges

Who Needs A Smoothpuss Badge?

Now, this has been covered in other segments, but it bears repeating. Men who come to Oildorado Days have two choices – either grow a beard or purchase a Smooth Puss badge. It’s that simple. Failure to do either can land you in hot water with the Sheriff and Posse. That usually means a trip around town in the Hoosegow so your friends and neighbors will know what a miscreant you are. And then, to make matters worse, you’ll have to buy a Smooth Puss Badge to get outta jail. So be a smart celebrant. Buy a goshdern badge!


Where to Buy A Smoothpuss Badge

Badges are available at the Oildorado store and from the posse. Smooth Puss badges will be available in a variety of formats.


How Much Does A Badge Cost?

Prices vary from $10 - $15 for a Smooth Puss badge, money clip, bolo tie, belt buckle and more.

Check the Oildorado Store opening Spring 2010 for details.