1947 A Yearly Celebration?

In 1947, an attempt was made to start a yearly celebration. The 1947 celebration included the usual events, plus a Soap box Derby, a model airplane show, a fashion show and a children's fair. The event proved too mush and to big for volunteers to handle on a yearly basis. It was decided that the next celebration would be held in 1950 and every five years thereafter. Below is a picture of some of the year's Oildorado Queen candidates, from left, Loise Lee, Thais Eaken (winner), Paula Frreeze, Helen Hickman, Wilma Fernimen, LaVeta Smith, Kathryn Morgan, Viola Stover, Mary Jane Cauffman and Ruth Nolan. All in all, there were 14 more contestants that year, making it 24 girls competing for the title of Oildorado queen.