1960 The Golden Anniversary, Streets of Gold

Clarence Williams was the president of the Taft Oildorado in 1960 when Taft's golden anniversary was celebrated. For that occasion it was decided to paint Center Street gold between Fourth and Sixth Streets. Among the painters were (pictured), from left (kneeling) Glenn Black, Pete Gianopulos, and Vic Killingsworth; (standing) Walt Schmidt, Roscoe Bogle, Clarence Williams, Jessie Caldwell and George Jones. Another street barbecue was held between Third and Fourth Streets. The Grand Parade, one of the biggest ever held, consisted of 250 entries and over 1,400 participants. The parade took over two and a half hours to pass in review. An old fashion box lunch was held at the site of the Lakeview Gusher and a quick-draw contest was held on Center Street.