1995 Gushing With Pride

In 1995 Randy Miller was the president of Taft Oildorado, Inc. with a theme called "Gushing with Pride in '95." Roy Garrett, a member of a pioneer family and founders of the Garrett Electric Company in Taft, was the Grand Marshall. Special guests at the Civic Luncheon included television celebrate, Huell Howser, and the John Gardner sisters, Delores W. Gardner and Consuela Garner-Nichols. The two Gardner sisters were the daughters of John Gardner for whom the Gardner Field, the WWII Air Force Base near Taft was named. They and Huell Howser participated in the dedication of the permanent plaque at special ceremony at the former entrance to the air base which was located about seven miles east of Taft. The plaque was designed, constructed and donated John J. Miller. A special musical, "Oklahoma," was presented. The Wiskerino and the Tessie Garrett Pony Tail contests and costume judging were held at a Sunday afternoon social at The Fort. Kristy Thompson was chosen to be the Oildorado Queen. Below is a picture of the 1995 parade, from the point of view of parade participants.