(2000) Blowout 2000

The next celebration was called "Blowout 2000." Jim Swearengin was the president of the Taft Oildorado celebration during that year, and what a celebration it was. It was judged that best ever. Spectators will never forget the flight of the F-18 fighters from the Lemoore Air Force Base that flew over Taft during the parade, joined by two B-25 World War II bombers and the two trainers that had been used for training the cadets at Gardner Field. Brandy Shelby was chosen the Oildorado Queen. The melodrama was called the "Saloon Keeper's Daughter." An Arm Wrestling Championship contest was introduced for the first time. The Taft Lions Club and The Fort Preservation Society collaborated on a number of events that were held at The Fort. The included a barbecue, dances and entertainment. The Taft Rotary Club staged a wine and microbrew tasting. The Fox Theater offered a special showing of the historic film called "Boom Town," staring Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert, Frank Morgan and Chill Wills, that had been filmed on the West Side. Two minor league professional football teams played one of their games at the high school Marion Martin Memorial Stadium. An old fashion street dance was held at the corner of 5th and Center Street. Motorcycle racing came into the Oildorado program for the first time at Franklin Field. The Grand Parade under the direction of Randy and Ginny Miller and Eric Cooper was turned out to be the biggest parade in the county with about 2000 participants viewed by upwards of 30,000 people. The rodeo was once again held at Franklin Field with a good crowd on hand to view the various events. The World Championship Oil Field Skills contest was held at Westec to crown the champions in welding, Top Hand (Pipe-Fitters) and crane operators. Many other events, to numerous to mention were held during the celebration.